Daruna CEO Speaks to American Chamber of Commerce

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Daruna CEO Michael Murphy was a speaker at the Distinguished Speakers Series of the American Chamber of Commerce of Qatar.  The event was held on the 27th of September at the Intercontinental Hotel Doha.

Mr. Murphy spoke on the condition of Migrant Workers in Doha and the plan of the State of Qatar to address the needs of these workers.  He further updated the market on the progress of the multiple Daruna projects in Qatar.
Migrant workers are an ever-present feature of global supply chains and are amongst the most vulnerable to exploitation and abuse, particularly through exploitative recruitment practices. Compounding this, they are also often among the least able to assert their rights. For many companies operating in the GCC there remains a lack of knowledge about terms of employment and labour conditions when it comes to contractors, suppliers, recruiters, and tiers lower down the supply chain. For companies, this can increase costs whilst decreasing efficiency, and leads to reputational and compliance risks through exposure to unknown, unethical labour practices. This panel presentation explored practical steps that companies can take to implement their obligations and responsibilities under national and international standards, maintain efficiency and reputation whilst also protecting workforces connected to their operations.

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