The Team

His Excellency
Sheikh Nasser bin Abdulrahman bin Nasser Al Thani
Chairman of the Board of Directors

“We are mindful of the importance of our projects’ social return. By that I mean ensuring that our projects are fully aligned with Qatar’s goals of social, economic and community development as expressed in Vision 2030. We are confident that the long-term returns will meet the expectations of our private equity investors; but I must emphasize again that it is not only the pursuit of profit that guides our activities and those of our equity investors.

The workforce that has come to our country to help us build this Vision deserve a lifestyle and community that reflects our values of hospitality and dignity for all.  Affordable, safe and clean accommodations are part of Vision 2030 and we intend to do our part to achieve that vision.”

His Excellency
Dr. Joseph LeBaron
Former United States Ambassador to Qatar
Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors

“We will build and operate our facilities based on both Qatar Foundation and international standards. That will give our customers not only peace of mind, but a significant marketing and operating advantage. The time has come globally to act, to pay more attention to the migrant and blue-collar force that is doing a large share of the work. Qatar, through these standards, and Daruna by complying with them, will make Qatar a showcase for best practices.”


Michael P. Murphy, KM

Chief Executive Officer


Dawit Yohannes

Chief Development Officer